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Xtina Song Claims

Claim An Xtina Song

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What is Xtina Song Claims about?
Well the name is pretty much self explanatory but if you still haven't a clue then let me tell you. X.S.C is a community for people that would like to claim their favourite Christina song. So what are you waiting for? Get claiming...

but wait.. I have rules I'm afraid.


//One claim per person. Not per LJ name, but per person.

//SHARING is allowed but you don't have to share if you don't want to. When posting your claim just state wether you would like to share or not.

//The claims list will be updated whenever I can so don't have a retarded stress if it isn't up as soon as you have requested.

//When claiming, only claim in an entry not a comment as it will be ignored. (Which basically means you have to join the community to claim.)

//NO ADVERTISING! Come on guys, theres communities for this and this isn't one of them.

//If you have joined then I assume you would like to make a claim, if you haven't then I'll be taking you off the member's list, unless you have made a claim. Its simple, you don't just join to read entries do you?!

//Once you have made you're claim you have to still stay a member, if not that song is up for claiming.

//Please do follow my rules, it isn't rocket science, they are quite easy to follow. Thank you and if you have any quieries and such take them up with me, your moderator/maintainer andreeka